Shiraz, Afif Abad Street, Parsamehr specialized skin, hair and laser clinic
شیراز، خیابان عفیف آباد

Parsamehr specialized skin, hair and laser clinic in order to provide medical-beauty services At the highest international standard level, it is equipped with the most advanced devices.

Clinic hours: Saturday to Thursday 8:00 to 20:00

Parsamehr Clinic is proudly the first center in Iran to receive the IPD (International Patients Department) or medical tourism license. This prestigious international license allows us to offer our medical and cosmetic services to clients with the highest global standards. Under the management of Mr. Ahmad Parsaei and a team of renowned doctors and specialists, Parsamehr Clinic is constantly striving to be recognized as a leader in providing health and beauty services both regionally and nationally.

Our services include natural hair, beard, and eyebrow transplantation, cosmetic surgeries, laser hair removal, face lifts and fillers, Botox and rejuvenation treatments, and skin and hair treatments. Be sure to contact our consultants.

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Perform all beauty services in Parsamehr specialized clinic

Parsamehr with a complete set of the world's best equipment and technology and experienced and efficient specialists and experienced personnel in all fields related to hair and eyebrow transplantation, skin rejuvenation and cleansing, laser hair removal and cosmetic surgeries, successful experiences in the portfolio. has registered its activity.

Laugh line injection
Filler injection to eliminate laugh line dimples is one of the most popular facial cosmetic procedures currently performed around the world.
Injection of gel, the secret of skin and face rejuvenation
Using the best brands with the best standards and quality.
Carbon peeling
Restore clarity and youth to your skin by lasering with Hollywood peeling.

Hair Transplant Package:

* Air and ground travel tickets
* Three nights stay in a hotel
* Free blood test
* Free medication during hair transplantation
* PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment after the procedure
* Accompanying translator
* VIP hair transplantation for two days
* Free breakfast and lunch
* Round-trip airport and clinic transfers
* Valuable gift from the medical complex for patients
* Providing a written guarantee for hair transplantation
* Free consultation for one year after the procedure for guidance and answering questions

Plastic Surgery Package:

* Rhinoplasty

* Breast Implants

* Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

* Mommy Makeover, Central Lip

* Buccal Fat Removal

* Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

* Face and Breast Lift

* Liposuction of Arms, Thighs, Calves, Abdomen, and Flanks

Modeling Package:

* Cheek Contouring with Dermal Fillers

* Lip Augmentation with Dermal Fillers

* Chin Augmentation

Parsamehr specialized skin, hair, beauty and laser clinic, relying on modern knowledge, tries to provide the best quality beauty services to its audience.

Services Price List:

Hair Transplantation FIT
Hair Transplantation FIT (VIP)
Eyebrow Transplantation
Beard Transplantation
Scalp Mesotherapy
Removing Blemishes
HIFU Miracle Youth
Specialized Facial
Fractional CO2 Laser
Tattoo Removal
Abdominoplasty and brachioplasty
Buccal Fat
Ghabghab harvest

400 $

600 $

400 $

450 $

450 $

A piece of 100 $

200 $ per session

40 $

Gentlemen, $400 & Ladies, $450 per session

30 $ per 1.5 cm piece

1334 $

920 $

1610 $

345 $

345 $

Cheek filler
Forehead filler
Laugh line filler
Filler under the eyes
Lip filler
Filler facial angulation
skin Cleaning
botax injection
Rejuvenating mesogel
Brightening under the eyes
hair loss prevention
Scar removal
Facial mesonedling

From 160 $ to 180 $

From 100 $ to ...

From 120$ to 200$

From 140$ to 280$

From 100$ to 300$

From 200$ to 500$


From 25$ to 35$

From 150$ to 400$

From 80$ to 220$

From 75$ to 150$

From 400$ to 450$

From 80$ to 220$

+ 16000

Choose with ease!

Beauty and grooming are features that are important to most people. Attention to external beauty is also evident in historical works. Today, with the advances in medical science and the development of technology, science also helps mankind to fulfill the desire for beauty. Parsa Mehr specialized skin, hair, beauty and laser clinic also relies on modern knowledge to provide the best quality beauty services to its audience.

+ 26000

The number of visitors to the clinic

+ 9300

The number of hair service clients

+ 10500

The number of clients of beauty services

+ 6500

The number of clients of surgical and therapeutic services
Infinite potential

Experience beauty with us

Feel beaty and deference with ParsaMehr cosmetic Clinic

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